Lesson Policies

Tailor Made Training offers two different payment plans in order to make lessons more affordable to everyone. 

The first method is to pay for each lesson as you take them.  This is called “pay as you go”.  Your only obligation is to pay for the lesson that you are taking.  You may pay for the lesson at the beginning or the end of the lesson.  Each lesson is an hour long and depending on your level of riding and age, the horsemanship aspect of the lesson is included (tacking and untacking your horse).  Once the lesson is over, your obligation is fulfilled. 

The second method is what is called a “set”. You may pay for 4 lessons at a time, which is generally one lesson a week.  You may have more than one lesson a week, if you would like and that would mean that payment would be due every 2 weeks instead of once a month. If you pay for a “set” of lessons, those lessons MUST be used within 30 (thirty) days of payment.  If the lessons are not used within the 30 (thirty) days, you will forfeit the money for the lessons and a new “set” of lessons will need to be purchased

The general lesson cancellation policy states, that if you

can not make your scheduled lesson, that you call 24 hours in advance to cancel or you will be charged for that lesson.  You may call 24 hours in advance and reschedule your lesson for that week without losing the lesson.  If you cancel your rescheduled lesson, you will then lose the lesson.  If you do not show up for your scheduled lesson, you will be charged for that lesson and not be able to make it up.    

 During the monsoon season, if you are on your horse and riding and a monsoon hits, that is your lesson.  We may do a ground lesson to finish the riding lesson, if the weather is not too severe.  We will also do a ground lesson if a storm is about to hit and there is no time to ride and the weather is safe enough to be outside.  If you get here or call and there is a storm and we do not ride or do a ground lesson, then you will not be charged for the lesson and it will be rescheduled.  Remember, ground lessons ARE lessons and WILL be paid for.

            If you have any questions regarding any of these policies, please feel free to talk to Michelle.        

Thank you for your time, understanding, and patronage here at Tailor Made Training. 



Michelle Johnson



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